the purpose of this site

This site was created in July 2009, along with the blog - originally just to document the creation of a Digitisation Best Practice Wiki. Clearly, that would be incredibly dull.

So now I blog about all sorts of stuff - most often about new professionals issues, hot library topics, social media, marketing libraries, guides to online platforms and that sort of thing. The blog is my main online presence which anchors everything else, and this site is really just in support of that; it houses my papers, some presentations, plus a bit more info about me and the stuff I'm involved with.

I have a seperate website, www.librarymarketingtoolkit.com, which is just about marketing libraries, and supports my book of the same name.

about the site

This site is hosted by Clook and the domain name is registered with them too. It was drawn from templates I’ve created in xhtml, and tweaked and edited using DreamWeaver MX.

The blog is a wordpress blog, using wordpress.org software which you install on a server, rather than wordpress.com software which allows you to create a blog (with slightly less flexibility) without having to pay for hosting. I have written a blog post about the mechanics and logistics, costs and issues of creating your own website, which you can access here.

about the photos

The wikiman logo which appears on some of these pages is adapted from a photograph taken by Matt Fairview, which I found on flickr. It is a picture of the M5 Wicker Man, in Somerset; the original can be seen here. Matt has kindly given me permission to use the image on my site – I think it’s a fantastic picture, and its colours indirectly inspired the original colour-scheme of the whole site, so I am very grateful to him.

The textures for the header, the menu bar, and the footer also originate from flickr. They are all versions of this picture by Yindra. I have not had to obtain direct permission to use this, as it is in flickr’s creative commons area – which consists of images whose copyright holders allow varying degrees of use by others.

This particular image is licensed under the BY Attribution licence logo Attribution License. This means the copyright holder (always the person who takes the photograph, unless copyright ownership has been legally transferred) allows others to use their work (copy, distribute, display and perform) and derivatives based upon it, as long as they are credited. The important thing for my purposes is that ‘derivatives’ are allowed – meaning I was able to crop the image to get rid of around 90% of it, then use Corel Paint Shop Pro X to alter the hue and saturation.

The buttons which appear down the right hand side are based on this picture of some metal, also a flickr CC image, by Shaire Productions. In many cases I've mixed them with this set of Social Media icons, by IconTexto.

Big thanks to Bogdan Leonte who took my site's visual design and turned it into a wordpress theme.