This page contains details (and links where possible) of publications I've been involved with.

  • Columnist for Library Journal
    Marketing with video: it's now essential and easier than you might think, Library Journal, December 2012
    Marketing Libraries Is like Marketing Mayonnaise, Library Journal, April 2013
    10 golden rules to take your library's twitter account to the next level, Library Journal, August 2013
    What does Word of Mouth Marketing REALLY mean? Library Journal, December 2013

  • Interview with SLA Outlook
    I was really excited to be interviewed by Stuart Hales for Outlook, August 2013: read it here.

  • Marketing your Library
    For American Libraries Magazine, November 2012 - interview with Terry Kendrick, read it here.

  • Author of The Library Marketing Toolkit
    Facet published The Library Marketing Toolkit in mid-2012. It's a toolkit of ideas to inspire action across all sectors (academic, public and special libraries, plus special collections and archives) and covers social media, new technologies, strategic marketing, the library brand, advocacy, and quite a lot more besides.

    The strength of this book lies in its case studies. There are 27 in total, and I'm absolutely thrilled to have been able to collaborate with some of the most respected, forward-thinking and innovative marketers in the information profession, from organisations like the British Library, the National Archive, New York Public Library, JISC, and Cambridge University. They provide a mix of expert advice and details of best practice at their own institutions.

    The Toolkit has its own website and blog - view the Toolkit blog here.

  • Technical Reviewer for Mastering Prezi For Business Presentations
    I'm one of the technical reviewers for Packt Publishing's book on Mastering Prezi presentation software, published in August 2012.

  • Contributor to The New Professional's Toolkit
    I'm a contributor to Bethan Ruddock's exciting new book on everything you need to know about being a New Professional in the information sector. My case study is entitled How to build your information professional brand. It was published by Facet in May 2012.

  • Using Prezi in Learning & Teaching to increase student engagement
    I presented two giant A0 posters at the University of York's Learning & Teaching Conference, 2012, about what we're doing with Prezi and interactive maps in the library. You can see the posters here and here.

  • Lifecycle strategies and archetecture for regional e-content
    The final, public-facing write-up of the JISC-funded LIFE-SHARE Project, co-authored with Matthew Herring, Bo Middleton and Beccy Shipman. Available online in various formats as part of the Content Clustering and Sustaining Digital Resources eBook.
  • Developing a Digitisation Strategy Toolkit
    An output from the LIFE-SHARE Project, co-authored with Matthew Herring, Bo Middleton and Beccy Shipman. (It can be found in Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2010, Volume 6273/2010, 502-505.)

  • My Favourite Tipples
    Not a proper article this, but an appearence in the famous Free Pint newsletter, describing 5 online tools I find useful every day. You can read it here .

  • Statistics, the media, and the trouble with the library legacy
    The title is fairly self-explanatory for this one. Article for PostLib, the journal for retired librarians, December 2010. The article opens in PDF format, here.

  • Map your own route
    Interview with Library & Information Gazette in the November 2010 issue, about careers advice for new professionals - opens in digital magazine format here.

  • Moving forward together
    Article about LISNPN (the New Professionals Network I set up) which appeared in the late August edition of Library and Information Gazette. Opens in digital magazine format here.
  • Moving Beyond the Echo Chamber
    This article appeared in the July edition of CILIP's Update and the embargo has now ended and I can make Moving Beyond the Echo Chamber available here (.PDF). It covers the same subject area as the Echo Chamber Prezi and is a subject I feel very passionately about.

  • The Library Routes Project
    An article about Library Routes, from ALISS Quarterly, Volume 5, no. 3: April 2010. It details how the project came about, the methodology and so on - the article can be downloaded here, in PDF format.

  • Why are we still defined by our building? (the short version...)
    The full version can be found below; this is a much reduced edition, published by Impact (the Career Development Group Journal), as part of the prize of winning best paper at the 2009 New Professionals Conference. Available here in PDF format.

  • The Unspeakable Truth
    This is a copy of the essay which was one of the winners of the LISNews Essay Contest - it's about the future of libraries, and the positive lessons about reinvention we can learn from other industries. Downloadable here as a PDF.

  • That Times Higher Education letter...
    Not really a proper publication of course, but it seemed to be of interest to a lot of people. To understand the context, first you need to read the article by the academic complaining about loud libraries, and then read my response here, the letter in question. Finally, this blog post explains all the background.

  • The fast-changing face of modern librarianship
    This is an article I wrote about the Library Routes Project for the CILIP Career Development Group's Yorkshire & Humberside branch newsletter, Up the Ladder, availble here in PDF format (by permission). I must admit, all those italics are not my own!
    [Up the Ladder, Issue 35, Winter 2009]

  • Why are we still defined by our building?
    A version of the paper I gave at the CILIP New Professionals Conference in London, July 09, is available here in PDF format.

  • How did you fund yours?
    Library work is always bracketed under Information Management. Sometimes Careers Advice is too, and this is an area Im interested in having done some work-experience at the University of Yorks Careers Service, during my MA. This is a piece I wrote for Prospects PostGrad Magazine, about how I worked part-time during my first Masters, and the importance of demonstrating actual skills and experiences to potential employers, rather than just coming out of University with a degree and expecting that to be sufficient to secure you a decent job. It is available here in PDF format.
    [Prospects Postgrad, 2006/7]