Guides to tech and other stuff

I've written guides to various things on my blog - this page is just a collection of links to them.


Prezi is an online zooming presentation tool - if used well, it's a brilliant alternative to PowerPoint. In July 2011 I created a brand new guide to Prezi which covers everything from what it's for to what it can do at an advanced level. Prezi featured it on their Facebook site and their Explore pages - you can check it out here, on Prezi itself. I've written two guides to Prezi previously: Prezi FTW? Ten Top Tips to Make a Good One , and a slide-based presentation covering the same topics - How To Use Prezi and WIN.


A blog is a pretty essential online presence for an information professional these days - I ran a workshop on blogs and blogging at the New Professionals Conference, and you can see all the materials from that here.


Twitter is the one social media platform to rule them all - because people tweet links to the best parts of all the others. It's not frivolous, it is professionally useful, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. I’ve written a guide to using it called New to Twitter? Here’s what you do – plus here are three things to do THE MINUTE YOU JOIN twitter... I also created a really brief slide-deck ages ago, outlining why I think it’s a useful tool. If you're yet to take the plunge and still need convincing, here are 7 reasons people don't use twitter, and why 'It's a conversation' is the answer to all of them.

Everything you need to know about technology to work in libraries

Fairly self explanatory this one; you can view the Prezi of the same name here. Another Prezi about recent advances in library technology, called The Machines are Coming, can be viewed here.


A public netvibes page can be really excellent way of aggregating your online content. You can read my guide to doing this, here.


Evernote is an incredibly useful tool for organising your professional life and syncing the same important information between your home PC, work PC, laptop and phone. Read a brief 5-step guide here.

Online Tools

A brief presentation on 10 useful online tools can be found here.

Public speaking

Not really tech as such, but it does contain tips about presentation software - I wrote a guide for first time public speakers which you can read here. I also wrote another guide of sorts, albeit in the style of an angry drill-instructor, about presenting - you can view it here. Finally, I did a little survey into how people get library speaking engagements, here.

Essential Advice for New Professionals

Not massively techy but here is a guide to starting out in the wonderful world of libraries...